Carex Day Light Classic Plus Light Therapy

Carex Day Light Classic Plus Light Therapy

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Carex Day Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy lamp is used to treat seasonal affective disorder, also known as the winter blues. Light therapy can also be used to relieve sleep disorders, shift work adjustment, jet lag and low energy levels.

Natural and effective bright light therapy recommended and used by experts to help fight the winter blues, regulate sleeping patterns, prevent jet lag and boost low energy. Provides the maximum recommended 10,000 LUX of outdoor level glare-free white light.

Two settings of light therapy: 7,000 LUX for everyday tasks and 10,000 LUX for therapy. Safely blocks 99.3% of UV and projects light downward as recommended by experts. Solid, single pedestal stand designed for use on a table, desk or shelf. Two buttons allow you to set the optimum height and angle.

UV Filter: 99.3%, Product weight: 9.35 lbs., Color Temperature: 4,000 Kelvin, Light Tubes: 3 - 36 watt compact fluorescent

Product Measurements: 28.75" (H) x 15.75" (W) x 12" (L), Package Measurements: 17.3" (H) x 21.65" (W) x 5.03" (L)