CPAP Pillow
CPAP Pillow

CPAP Pillow

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Proper Neck Support for Patients with Sleep Apnea


The Core CPAP Pillow was designed by CPAP users, for CPAP users, in response to common concerns such as pressure point soreness and mask leaks from pillow interference. This unique pillow has quilted side panels to create a distinct edge, allowing mask to comfortably hang over the side of pillow. This prevents mask from being forced into side of the face. The CPAP Pillow design makes it durable enough to support the head and neck without losing its edge, yet soft enough to sleep on all night. The pillow is comfortable for both side and stomach sleepers. Patients required to sleep on their side for other reasons, such as oral or dental appliances, fibromyalgia or other chronic pain, and pregnancy may also benefit from the Core CPAP Pillow and its unique shape. To order specify the 3,”  4” or  5” option. Fitted pillowcase included.



“I am so happy I can sleep on my side again. Now I can sleep comfortably without pressure on my face or leaks around mask.”


            –Kenneth Bickner, ND



Item             Description

FIB279        Core CPAP Pillow - 3” Height

FIB280        Core CPAP Pillow - 4” Height

FIB281        Core CPAP Pillow - 5” Height