Cybertech SPINE Brace (OTC)

Cybertech SPINE Brace (OTC)

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Product Description

The Cybertech SPINE Brace is the first line of defense for the treatment of low back pain without a prescription.

It offers the mechanical advantage that was originally designed to meet the demanding requirements of orthopedic surgeons.

Utilizing a patented one-handed rotating type pulley mechanism, it is designed specifically to provide comfortable support and hydro-static lift to the lower back.

A single front fabric fastener makes the brace easy to adjust the brace with one hand in seconds for standing, sitting, walking or driving.

The brace is made of a breathable mesh promoting airflow to keep users cool and clean.

Breathable mesh promotes airflow to keep users cool and clean.


• Over-the-Counter retail packaged and includes a six minute video on
how to manage back pain.
• One-step pulley system achieves full circumferential
compression as opposed to the favoring of one side
to another
• Nylon mesh side panels provide vertical support
• Patented rotating type pulley mechanism allows for
true 6:1 mechanical advantage when applying the
• The corset’s rear power unit is removable for easy
care and cleaning.
• 5 year warranty on the mechanical advantage pulley
• 90 day warranty on the belt/brace.