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Versa-Loops by Power Systems

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If you or your client are looking for something new to add to a workout, or your needs aren't met by the most popular forms of gym equipment, Power Systems Versa Loops resistance bands might be a good choice. The best resistance bands are a cost-effective way to get a whole body workout, making them a popular choice for both fitness enthusiasts and providers of physical therapy.

  • The six different colors each provide a different level of resistance
  • They're useful for a huge variety of exercises that target the legs, core, arms, and back.
  • Clients can start at a lower resistance, then "switch up" in color as they grow stronger


Orange  Extra Light Rehabilitation and those who have little or no exercise activity.
Green Light Those with some exercise activity and rehabilitation. Starting size for most women.
Red  Medium Those who exercise regularly. Starting size for most men.
Blue  Heavy Intermediate to advanced exercises. Good for training larger muscle groups.
Purple Extra Heavy Highly advanced exercisers who have mastered form and technique.
Gray Ultra Heavy Trained athletes and extremely advanced exercisers that require a higher resistance.